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April 23, 2021

The Making of Time In A Bottle

The new single and video for Time In A Bottle is released on Sunday. Here’s a taste of the new video how it all happened. 

I was actually watching the series Transparent when I first realy listened to Jim Croce’s Time In A Bottle. Of course, I’d heard it before but there was something about that moment when it really made me stop and pay attention. 

We were in lockdown, I was in the middle of recording an album from home and was looking for another song and this one sort of found me at just the right time.

I called Chris Traves, my producer, told him I wanted to do it, he of course, loved the song, and we talked about how it should sound. I trusted him to come up with something wonderful but I did ask him to use plenty of acordian, which is not an instrument I’ve used before, but somehow it seemed right. I think Chris did such a great job. I love that he added this tap, tap sound like a ticking clock – so I did a couple of test reocrdings and we added a second key change to give the whole thing a really joyous lift for the last chorus. 

I wanted to make a video of the song but because we were in lockdown I couldn’t leave the house, never mind spend a couple days with a film crew, so I reached out to a wonderful film maker in India called Shyam Talwar.

I am so happy with the result. It’s the most wonderful process, you know, to collobarate with other artistes and create something, that I think, is really special. I hope you do too.

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