Kitchen Cabaret

Kitchen Cabaret

Can you help Sunnymoon Kennels in Ukraine?

We’re all horrified by what’s happening in Ukraine right now. I’m trying to avoid the news as much as possible but there's no avoiding it. There is a wonderful dog kennel in Kyiv called Sunnymoon Place where Lesia and Melina breed beautiful, prize-winning Italian Greyhounds. 🐶 I’ve been deeply worried about them and their puppies and moved by their courage and strength. Until the end of April, 100% of all Kitchen Cabaret requests will go to Leisa and Melina to help look after them and their dogs.

If you've like to help and have been thinking about making a request, now's the time 😁. I'd like to sing as many dedication for them as possible, so ideally your request is a song I already know (most Sinatra songs, for example) or if you just want to donate and don't mind, you can leave the song up to me. Tell me who you want it dedicated to and when you'd like it broadcast. It can be scheduled as far ahead as you like, as long as you place the order before the end of April, the full £49 will go to help the puppies. 

What would you like me to sing next?

There are two ways of requesting a song: free (always nice) and paid (better for me LOL).


Let me have your request, I'll put it on the list and in time, I'll do my best to sing it for you in the Kitchen Cabaret. I can't say when I will sing your song, so please be patient.


Give me your request and your dedication along with the date you'd like it broadcast. It's a unique gift for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas Day, or just to let someone know you're thinking about them. If you can’t be with your loved ones this is the perfect way to let them know you care. Click the button for more details and to place your order.

Here are some of my favourite dedications and songs since I started Kitchen Cabaret. There are lots more to see on the YouTube page.