In Conversation with Bruce McGill

April 20, 2016 in Podcast

Bruce McGill is an actor who just never stops working. His breakthrough role was playing “D-Day” in Animal House, since then he’s played Jack Dalton on MacGyver, Sheriff Farley in that brilliant film My Cousin Vinny, he’s also appeared in Cliffhanger, Legally Blonde 2, Cinderella Man, Family Guy, Vantage Point, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln and Law & Order.

In this interview we discuss why he is happily child free, his love of guitars, the joy of downsizing and what it’s like to work on Family Guy with Seth McFarlaine. He tells me what it’s like to audition for Stephen Spielberg, why it took 70 takes to nail the courtroom scene in The Insider and his breakthrough role in Animal House – the first comedy to gross over $100 million dollars. He even reprises his famous rendition The William Tell Overture… on his windpipe. 

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