RELEASE DATE: 1 November 2020

A song to make you smile

When I wrote this song with Jon Nickoll we never could have imagined that coming home for Christmas, or not, would have been such a health risk. Christmas is a time when we come together and enjoy the restorative power of friendship but now we find ourselves living in a world where we have to keep our distance even from the people we love most, and a simple hug requires a risk assessment, plastic gloves and a face mask.

So, while the theme of this song, being together at Christmas, may not be possible for you this year, the message is the same: cherish the people you love and make the most of the time you have. It’s a song to make you smile, so wherever you find yourself over the holiday season, have fun and enjoy the music.

Gary Williams
November 2020

The video

The video is a familiar cast of characters. Of course you recognise Santa Claus and Gary, but who else can you spot?

In the opening scene in my bedroom you might spot Spike the hedgehog on the window ledge and Dino our dog in the picture frame (yes, he does look like Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons!).

On stage with the band, from left to right, it’s Adrian Revell, Chris Traves (who actually plays the trombone but my animator had trouble with that!), on bass guitar is Joe Pettitt, then there’s me, Elliott Henshaw at the drums and finally Clive Dunstall at the piano, looking very smart in his pink suit.

If you’re quick you’ll catch my father as one of the pilots of the plane. At the party there are a few more faces. From left to right (when you can see everyone) we have Jon Nickoll at the piano (who wrote the music for the song), Joe Pettitt and Alex Maynard again, then there’s Juan Adarraga (my agent’s husband), one of the two competition winners Marion Rivenell, the guys dancing with me is my boyfriend Philip, then there’s Clive again, me, Elliott the drummer, another competition winner Heather Miller, looking sharp in his blue suit is my agent Gary Parkes, then we have three more musicians: Tommy Emmerton (who plays guitar) and Alex Maynard (who plays the trumpet, but as you can see, is also a very expressive dancer) and finally, my producer Chris Traves.

Track Listing

1. I'm Coming Home for Christmas
2. Just In Time for Christmas

catalogue info

Release date: 1 December 2020
Bar code: 195448683721
Reference: BOS6829


Lyrics: Gary WilliamsMusic: Jon Nickoll
Arrangement: Phil Steel
Piano: Clive Dunstall
Bass: Joe Pettitt
Drums: Elliott Henshaw
Guitar: Tommy Emmerton
Trumpet: Alex Maynard
Sax: Adrian Revell
Trombone and Percussion: Chris Traves

Executive Producer: Gary Williams
Producers: Chris Traves, Philip Dean
Engineer: Chris Traves
CD Sleeve Photography: Gary Morrisroe

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