August 28, 2020

Thank you Switzerland

Usually, when I’m singing, my mind is constantly thinking about what I need to do next – singing the right lyrics, remembering my lines, ignoring the annoying bloke in the third row. But there are times when everything is just right and I’m free to enjoy the moment. I had one of those last night. After months of planning, hard work and uncertainty, my first gig in 6 months had come together. It was a joyous experience and the audience couldn’t have been more giving. For our second encore we repeated Fly Me To The Moon and it was during the piano solo that I was able to step back and fully appreciate how lucky I was to be singing the songs I love with a great band and all of us, just happy to be there, making music.

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  1. Fabulous place for your first gig in all those months .
    Lovely pictures, such beautiful scenery.
    Hope to see you in the UK before to long.

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