We smashed it!

June 5, 2020 in News

Thanks to you, we more than doubled our target fundraising on Kitckstarter

This is the time for learning new skills and right now I’m brushing up on my vocab. This week I learned tussock (a clump of grass), chthonic (things relating to the underworld) and Cummings (a spineless newt found in central London). Come to think of it, we’ve all learned a few new words lately: furloughed, lockdown and covidiot, for example. A more encouraging word that I’ve been using last week is Kickstarter. Back in 2017 I started broadcasting a radio show called “Legends” for Age UK’s The Wireless. I ended up recording 100 two-hour shows featuring just about every major singing artiste from the golden age of music. To date the podcast of the show has had over 100,000 downloads but sadly, due to copyright issues from various music publishers, I have to take the show off streaming sites like iTunes and Spotify, at the end of the month.

Last Thursday I launched an eight-day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise £2500 to pay for a new album. It ended today at £5504 thanks to the amazing generosity of friends and fans alike. This means there is enough in the pot to make two albums. For a singer in lockdown with no shows on the horizon, this is a creative lifeline that will keep me making music until we are out of this thing. So, thank you, sincerely.

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