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March 16, 2020 in Blog

Wow! It’s crazy how quickly everything can change in a week. After my two shows in London, I flew back home to Tenerife just before all of Spain went on “lock down”. All bars, restaurants and pretty much everything else is closed with strict rules on what we are allowed to do.

We are confined to our homes and only allowed out for things like buying food, going to the hospital or assisting vulnerable people. We are allowed to walk dogs but not in groups. They limit the number of people in shops and insist we keep a safe distance from one another. It’s all very strange but we feel safe and resigned to letting it take its course. What else can we do? I wonder how long it will be before the UK and USA have to follow suit.

The entertainment industry is being hit especially hard with all the cruise lines halting operations, theatres closing their doors and shows being canceled. My heart goes out to my fellow entertainers, musicians and technicians who simply have no idea how they are going to survive. It’s deeply worrying.

Other than cruises booked throughout the year, I have a date in May coming up at Ronnie Scott’s. If you’ve already got tickets, as of now it’s still going ahead, but things are changing all the time, so let’s see what happens. After that, my next UK concert is in July and hopefully things will be getting back to normal by then.

Everyone is trying to put this new free-time to good use. A builder told me that just before the lock down DIY stores were selling out of paint, with everyone taking the opportunity for a bit of home improvement. What I am hoping to do is write more songs, catch up on some admin and learn the language. What I will probably do is stay in bed eating Hob Nobs and watching Netflix.

Good luck and stay safe.

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