CBSO with Clare Teal

February 22, 2020 in Live Shows

Thank you to the city of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, conducter Gavin Sutherland and one of my favourite singers, Clare Teal, for such a wonderful night in Birmingham.

The CBSO is itself, is celebrating its centenary of this year and is marking the occasion with a series of centennial concerts. Coming up they have an evening celebrating 100 years of Broadway and soon, another with 100 years of music from the movies. Last night, our concert was simply the best music written in the 1920s. It’s quite mind blowing to think how many tunes are still alive and well today, and have been speaking to new generations ever since they were written. Writers like Irving Berlin, the Gershwins and Cole Porter were in full-flow giving us classics like Someone to Watch Over Me, Blue Skies and Let’s Do It. I wonder how many of today’s chart-toppers will still be listened to 100 years from now.

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