Do you like Valentine’s Day?

February 14, 2020 in Blog, Music

I don’t like singing on Valentine’s night. The atmosphere can be wretched. All those couples, who’ve hardly spoken to each other all year, suddenly facing each other across a dinner table – no kids, no telly, no phones – and realising they’ve got nothing to say. I’m the only distraction, so they don’t dare take their eyes off me for fear of having to talk each other. Who knows, maybe a bit of Cole Porter is just what they need.

As you gather, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Sure, it’s a nice excuse to spoil the one you love, but it always seems a little contrived to me. The expectation of having to do something special somehow makes it less special. So what are Philip and I doing tonight? Not much as it happens. We get a kick out of resisting the status quo, that, and not wanting to fork-out for an over-priced dinner. Instead we plan to take a nice country walk on the weekend, have a picnic and declare our undying love over a scotch-egg and a packet of Rolos.

In the meantime, if you feel like a little romance, here’s my take on the gorgeous hit from Camelot, If Ever I Would Leave You.

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