How Many Years Do You Have?

December 15, 2019 in Blog

How to make time go slower

It’s my birthday today and, like every day, I’ll spend at least 20 minutes learning Spanish. I love the way they l deal with age. Instead of asking “How old are you?” they ask “How many years do you have?” which us much nicer, don’t you think? It’s not about how old or young you may be, age is just a matter of how many years you’ve collected. It’s like telling someone you have 14 stone rather than you are 14 stone. Our age or weight shouldn’t define us. It’s our actions that make us who we are.

I love this quote from the German novelist Thomas Mann on why Time seems to go by faster the older we get:

“If the years of youth are experienced slowly, while the later years of life hurtle past at an ever-increasing speed, it must be habit that causes it. We know full well that the insertion of new habits or the changing of old ones is the only way to preserve life, to renew our sense of time, to rejuvenate, intensify, and retard our experience of time—and thereby renew our sense of life itself. That is the reason for every change of scenery and air..”

That’s one of the reasons why I’m learning Spanish – a new habit for a new year.

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