New movie soundtrack

October 17, 2019 in Music

I recorded two songs for Once Upon A Time In London a Netflix film. You can hear my main song London Town over the end credits.

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  1. Ive just spent an hour searching for the song at the end of the credits. I only heard the first few lines before Netflix cut it short.
    Now just found it on YouTube and have to say as a fan of Matt Monro, Sinatra, John Rowls and other crooners I realky like it.
    it resonates greatly with me.

    London is a cruel Mistress.

  2. Hi i really like your song very much. I heard another song in the movie that i like too don’t play tough but I cant find it anywhere and listen to it

  3. Hey, I loved this song but there was another one in the film that I still can’t find anywhere. It went something like “I love those cheeky chaps from the east of London.” Would you know anything about that song?

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