Treasure Seeker reviewed by Jersey Jazz

August 6, 2018 in Reviews

Treasure Seeker reviewed by Joe Lang of Jersey Jazz

When an album arrives to review that comprises all original songs, it has become a habit to approach it with trepidation.  That was the case with Treasure Seeker (BOS6824) the new release by British vocalist Gary Williams, but one listen made it apparent that this gentleman, mainly known for his performances of standards from the Great American Songbook, has learned his lessons well from his exposure to these great tunes. 

The songs that he has written with Jon Nickoll are definitely in the style of those classic tunes, and the lyrics are nicely crafted in the same tradition, but with a somewhat more contemporary feeling.  Williams has a pleasant, smooth baritone voice that is immediately accessible.

 The instrumental backing comes from a ten-piece group that sound like a larger aggregation thanks to the fine arrangements of Phil Steel.  Williams has been popular for quite some time in England, and has had great success appearing on cruise ships, but has rarely performed in the USA.  Maybe the time is right for him to bring his talent over here.

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