At The Movies CD review by Musical Theatre Review

August 24, 2017 in Reviews

At The Movies CD review by Nick Wakeham of Musical Theatre Review

I have reviewed a couple of Gary Williams’ CDs in the past, also his book Cabaret Secrets.

His style is somewhere between Michael Bublé and Frank Sinatra, but with his own inimitable twist. I am no big fan of Sinatra as I always feel that he isn’t really trying (especially in later recordings) as if he thought ‘It’s me Sinatra, they’ll buy it no matter what!’

Okay, so having deflected the rotten vegetables thrown at me from Sinatra fans, let me say that I would listen to Williams any day of the week.

He has such a beautiful voice – just like black velvet and, although the style is not completely to my liking (jazz-orientated) there is something about his voice that is completely mesmerising.

All the tracks on this new album are completely laid-back and are ideal for sitting in front of the fire sipping a nice long G&T.

It would be a bit unfair of me to pick out any track as being better than the others, but I have tell you that I have played ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ about a dozen times since receiving the tracks to review and it just gets better and better on each listen.

Tracks are all from films (as the title of the album suggests) and they include: ‘Both Sides Now’, ‘Puppet On a String’, ‘He’s a Tramp’, ‘The Bare Necessities’, ‘Baby Mine’, ‘Isn’t This a Lovely Day’, ‘Pocketful of Rainbows’, and others.

Williams has a huge following worldwide and I am sure this album will increase that number by quite a few. Well worth a listen and to add to your collection.

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