Michael Bublé versus Gary Williams

December 18, 2014 in Blog


Look inside today’s edition of The Times, and you’ll see reviews for me and Michael Bublé. We both played to capacity crowds in London. I got 4 stars, he got 3. Poor Michael, he must be beside himself.

Okay, he was playing the O2 in front of 20,000 screaming fans and I was at the Crazy Coqs to 85, but it just goes to show size isn’t everything!

The London Evening Standard gave us 5 stars saying, “cheeky patter and moments of hilarity were as much a part of the evening as heartfelt musings on lost loved ones and friendship”.

Musical Theatre Review said, “This consummate artist, accompanied by Matt Regan on piano, works the room well as he roams amongst the patrons, entertaining them with his cheeky patter that avoids any saccharine falseness.”

In another generous review out today Classical Source said, “Williams develops a splendid rapport with the audience, and his affectionate sense of humour, pitch-perfect vocal delivery, a mellow tone and sense of phrasing puts him with the best.”

Thanks to you and everyone for helping make this year such a happy one. I’m back at the Crazy Coqs in May for more Sinatra Jukebox and there are lots more exciting things planned for 2016.

Much love and have a wonderful Christmas season.

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