Review: Fascinating Aida

August 21, 2014 in Blog

It’s interesting what you can get away when you’ve got a smart accent and a posh frock. Whereas most pensioners would be sizzling with consternation if they heard Jonathan Ross use the the c word – Fascinating Aida had them shouting for more. Singing to the everyday concerns of the middle classes, Dillie Keane, Adele Anderson and Liza Pulman wrap their beautiful voices about genetic mutation, dogging and famously – cheap flights.

After brief introductions the ladies let the songs speak for themselves. Time flies by with segues in all the right places, lots of movement and a few musical props. In their song cycles they lampoon Tony Blair, the Muslim veil, immigration, corporate greed. The comedy is suspended (and ultimately enhanced) with Old Home, a touching love letter to the houses we’ve loved and left.

But it’s the satirical lyrics that get us every time. Who else could rhyme puberty with Schuberty or cunnilingus with fingers? None of it is forced, the sentiments are spot on and the laughs come thick and fast. The delivery is very dry and very funny.

Behind the perfectly blended harmonies and gorgeous gowns Fascinating Aida are edgy, sharply satirical and wonderfully filthy. It’s easy to see why after thirty¬†years they’re still the reigning queens of cabaret.

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