Let’s hear it for cruise ship entertainers!

June 19, 2013 in News


Pick up this week’s Time Out London and turn to page 64 to find my 5 reasons to love cruise ship cabaret. Variety isn’t dead, it’s just moved to sea. Giving credit to the cruise industry is something I talk a lot about in the book. It gives great work to 1000s of entertainers and the guests onboard love it. Thank goodness the cruise industry is going from strength to strength.

The article’s also online here.

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  1. Sadly Gary, this chanteuse of the seas, has been all but frozen out by the glut of ex-x factor finalists now clinging for dear life to the one outlet for their dwindling moments of fame. Ironic isn’t it, that the biggest insult the judges can come up with, turns out to be the only thing that their ex-finalists (and previous winners) can turn to for an income?

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