The wisdom and knowledge contained in Gary's book is so valuable that I wish I'd had it when I was starting out as an entertainer! It's a marvellous achievement and could be your secret weapon.
Michael Feinstein
Gary Williams' book is a career GPS for cabaret performers.
David Ackert, author and consultant
A beautifully conceived and crafted tutorial. Gary Williams has done a wonderful service compiling all this information so concisely and thoroughly. Hugely instructive, hugely accessible and hugely revealing.
Jeff Harnar, Singer/Director
What a great book! Well written, full of humour, knowledge and information.
Joan Jaffe, 2012 M.A.C Award winner - Best Musical Comedy Performer
Gary Williams’ generous sharing of his own secrets provides so much valuable information that it deserves to be read by anyone wanting a career in cabaret.
Ruth Leon, Artistic Director, Crazy Coqs cabaret room

How to create your own show, travel the world and get paid to do what you love.

If you want to create and perform your own amazing cabaret show, you’ve found the right place. Watch the video and I’ll tell you in person what it’s all about.

Just want free stuff? That’s fine. I’ve recorded a bunch of interviews with brilliant people covering how to structure a show, choose songs, talk to an audience, deal with lights and sound, what cruise lines want and more. You can listen to them for free right here. I release a new one every two weeks so subscribe to the Cabaret Secrets Podcast here and be sure not to miss any great free advice.

If you need help with your show and it’s not covered in the book, you can ask me here.

4 Great Reasons to Buy Cabaret Secrets Today

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I’m so confident you’re going to love Cabaret Secrets, I’m giving you a whole month to decide. If you not completely satisfied after 30 days, just let me know and I’ll refund your money in full. Easy.

It’s your personal director in your pocket. Every artiste needs to know where they can improve and what they should be working on. Having Cabaret Secrets on your ebook reader is the next best thing to taking your director with you, wherever you go.

Professional writing. Cabaret Secrets is almost 60,000 words of help and advice. Every word’s been checked by professional proof readers so you can read in confidence. It’s informative, funny and free of grammatical screw ups.

Instant access. Download and there’s no delivery fee, no waiting for the post to arrive. Just make your payment with Amazon and in seconds you’ll be learning everything Cabaret Secrets has to offer in the comfort of your home.

7 Ways Cabaret Secrets Will Benefit You

Amazing advice from the best in the business. Learn from cabaret stars like Michael Feinstein, Steve Ross, Marta Sanders and Marlena Shaw. I asked them insider questions about how they decide which songs to sing, how they script their shows and the best lessons they’ve learned. Dozens of great pros were happy to share their secrets with me, so I could share them with you.

Practical advice you can use. Cabaret Secrets is packed with sensible, practical advice. As someone who’s been doing it for a long time, I know the hurdles and challenges a newcomer will face. I tell you what you need to know about writing a lighting cue sheet, making a PA specification and how to choose a recording studio. I even tell you what to pack for a gig on a cruise ship!

Get the applause you deserve. Cabaret Secrets takes you through every step of creating a show that people will want to see. Don’t waste hours going around in circles. Just follow this guide and learn everything you need to know. It’s like your own cabaret toolbox.

It’s your direct line to the decision makers. I know how hard it can be just to get a booker for a major venue on the phone so I’ve asked them the questions you want answers to. Things like, “Exactly what does an artiste need to do to get work with you?”, “How can I make sure you’ll watch my showreel”, “What kind of acts are cruise lines lining up to book?”

Make a special connection. The key to cabaret is making a special personal connection with every member of your audience.

Save years of effort. We never stop learning but there are shortcuts. When I was starting out there was no one to help me with my show. No cabaret school, no mentor. I had to learn from years of expensive mistakes. Cabaret Secrets gives you a fast track to success. I share everything I know so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Save money. In Cabaret Secrets you’re getting advice worth £1000s for pennies. That’s a fact. If I only knew these secrets when I first started out 20 years ago I would have saved £1000s on bad musical arrangements, £1000s on wasted publicity and £1000s recording CDs that sounded terrible. It is truly amazing value for money.

The Secrets Revealed

Cabaret Secrets is packed with over 50,000 words on everything you need to create your own show from scratch. Here’s what’s inside…

Secret 1: Be Prepared
The ‘X’ Factor and how to get more of it • Building confidence • The importance of good preparation • How to be awful and get away with it

Secret 2: It’s All About You
Theming your show • Knowing your audience • Choosing the right material • Music and emotional triggers • Pushing boundaries • Dealing with risqué material

Secret 3: Be Sincere
Sincerity is the cornerstone of everything you do on stage. I discuss: the Golden Rule • how to tell your story • the ‘shape’ of your show • and how to break the fourth wall

Secret 4: Use A Template
Probably the most useful chapter in the book. I explain the four steps to creating your first set list • I break down one of my shows an explain the what, why, where and when of every choice • I analyse how the stars structure their performances and give you templates to help you structure your first show

Secret 5: How To Chat To An Audience (and not sound like a fake)
The most important element of any cabaret and the hardest to master. I demystify the process and make it easy to write your own script • I explain the four types of chat or patter • the rule of threes • eliminating clichés • keeping it personal • be a gossip • how to be funny • how to ad-lib • maintaining focus • and the importance of respecting your colleagues

Secret 6: Live Performance Can Seriously Damage Your Health (and Ego)
The pleasures and pitfalls of audience participation • What to avoid and how to get it right

Secret 7: Love Your Musicians
First impressions • What musicians want • Instrumental breaks • Different band compositions • How to commission great musical arrangements that last forever • How to rehearse a band

Secret 8: Make It Look Good and It Will Sound Twice As Good
What to wear on stage • Make-up • How to talk to lighting and sound techs in a language they understand • How to write a lighting cue sheet • Introducing more production

Secret 9: Record a CD
How to make a CD you’ll be proud of for years • Choosing a studio • Preparing for the recording • Good cover design • Practical advice on packaging

Secret 10: Listen to Advice, But Be Careful How You Give It
How to give notes without giving offence • Seeking professional advice • Listening to feedback

Secret 11: Talent Is Only The Starting Point
Getting your show together is only part of the story. I’ll show you how to use foreign languages in your show • research your audience • working with a director • finding an audience • getting reviewed • exploiting social media • how to get 1.5 million hits on YouTube • build a great website

Secret 12: Rock Stars Live Like Nuns
Advice from top vocal coaches on how to take care of your voice • Jeannie Deva’s warm up and cool down • Tips for singers with a sore throat

Secret 13: How To Get An Agent
Standing out from the crowd • Making a showreel that gets you work • How bookers find the acts they want • What agent’s want • Get a gimmick

Secret 14: The Best Piece of Travel Advice Ever
How to save time, travel light and always be ready for work

Secret 15: Simon Cowell Is Not Your Friend
Are you a good fit for cruise ships? • What cruise lines want and how to give it to them


“Williams’s attention to detail is all that you would expect from the author of Cabaret Secrets, a fascinating insider’s handbook on how to nurture an audience for the kind of classic songbook fare that struggles to make itself heard in a world obsessed with The X Factor.” Clive Davis, The Times

“It’s a most tremendous achievement. This book is great for anybody who’s been in the business a long time or who is a newcomer. It’s helpful on so many levels. Everybody in cabaret should be read it” Michael Roulston – Musician, cabaret performer and producer.

“This is not just a book for aspiring performers and is not simply Gary Williams’ opinions, but a comprehensive set of advice and comments which will appeal to anyone interested in ‘Cabaret’ performance – and many other kinds of ‘standing up in front of a group’. It now opens up three choices for prospective Cabaret performers: (1). They can do a Performing Arts course at University and get an ongoing £20,000 student loan debt for life… OR (2). They can take their chances on Britain’s Got Talent and maybe at odds of about 500,000 to 1 get spotted, OR (3). They can buy Gary’s book for £14 and do what it says.” Gordon Sapsed

“Your fabulous book will be my bible in the coming weeks as I get my act together and take it to the Hippodrome” Liz Robertson, West End star

“…an invaluable guide to negotiating the minefield of creating a cabaret act and making a career and living from it.” Mark Shenton

“Gary Williams’ book is a godsend for singers. It’s not only a bible for aspiring performers, but also helps pros focus in ways they might not have previously considered. It’s a must-read whether you sing jazz, pop, rock, opera or cabaret. His secrets are worth their weight in gold!” Harold Sanditen – Cabaret Artiste and host of the Crazy Coqs Open Mic

“Cabaret Secrets is a very exciting compilation. It’s a first – an eBook exploring stories, truths, and encouragement about the art of Cabaret. With new and revisited ideas told in fun ways, a variety of wonderful artists give us lots to think about. It’s very inspiring!” Barbara Brussell, Cabaret Artiste (Read more testimonials…)

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